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It is over two hundred years since the birth of Charles Darwin, and 150 years since the publication of "The Origin of Species".  Christians and scientists are still debating the issues today.  This page contains links to some of those issues and how Christians should relate to the book of Genesis in the modern world.

Evidence of Design

Things are not always as they seem and the debate over Darwin's theory of origins is getting more complicated.  Professor John Walton, a Research Professor of Chemistry at St Andrews University, Scotland, believes that the discovery of DNA's structure has brought about a revolution in our understanding of biological relationships. It has rehabilitated Design as a powerful argument in support of a Designer. On Saturday, 1 June 2013 he was joined by Dr Alastair Noble, Director of the Centre for Intelligent Design to present two lectures on Evidence of Design.

Genesis 1 - A Radical Document.

"Genesis 1 is a radical statement which flies in the face of received wisdom in the world in which Genesis came into existence. And it would be a pity if we made Genesis 1 a touchstone of conservatism rather than a statement of radical faith." This according to Dr Laurence Turner, Principal Lecturer in Old Testament at Newbold College of Higher Education. In the lecture below, recorded in February 2013, he looks at the first chapter of Genesis within the context of the audience at the time it was written.

And if you enjoyed that... then you may also enjoy the Q&A session that followed:

Darwin Revisited

The media went into overdrive celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of evolutionary biologist, Charles Darwin. Now available to view or download on THE HOPE TV WEBSITE we invited four scientific Christians to reflect on their faith in the light of science, reason and the theory of evolution. Is there still a place for faith and belief in the 21st century scientific world? Watch this interview.Extended interviews from this programme are also available for viewing.

'In Conversation' Creation Specials

Tim Standish, a Biologist working at the Geoscience Research Institute in Loma Linda California, believes that Intelligent Design is a liberating way of viewing nature and our origins. In the Hope TV programme, In Conversation, Tim reflects on his childhood, his upbringing and how it shaped his life and career. Then in an In Conversation Extra Victor Hulbert questions Tim further on his specialist subject of Intelligent Design.

Ban Creation in School Science?

Professor Alice Roberts stated in a BBC video that creationism has 'no place in science lessons'. Dr Isabel Moraes disagrees. She is a bio-chemist and Head of the Membrane Protein Laboratory at Harwell Science and Innovation Campus, Didcot, Oxfordshire, (Imperial college). This is her response:

Focus on Origins

FOCUS ON ORIGINS was published as a response to Richard Dawkins book, 'The God Delusion', and announced his intention to commemorate the bicentenary of Charles Darwin's birth by 'an anti-God crusade' in the media.  "We are blessed," says Editor, Dr David Marshall, "to include in our Church in Britain no less than three top-flight scientists. Professor John Walton, Research Professor in Chemistry at the University of St Andrews, has a PhD and a senior doctorate (DSc) and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. Dr Mart de Groot was, until retirement, chief of the Armagh Observatory. Dr Colin Mitchell, is a geologist and an Oxford-Cambridge-Harvard-educated author."

All three scientists collaborated with Marshall – along with Christian philosopher, Cliff Goldstein – to produce this FOCUS special. "God is making a comeback!" says Marshall. "If you want to get into His corner and do more than cheer, FOCUS: ORIGINS is available from the Adventist Book Centre. To order phone 01476 539 900. You can also download Focus on Origins.

Why Doesn't God Stay Dead?

Prof John Walton is Professor of Chemistry at St Andrews University, Scotland. John believes passionately in his God. In this lecture presented at Crieff Seventh-day Adventist church, Scotland he asks: 'Why Doesn't God Stay Dead?' Includes mp3 of lecture with accompanying PowerPoint and book list. (Courtesy Crieff church) 

"Intelligent Design and Darwin's God."

Shrewsbury is hometown to the global Darwin celebrations. It is here that Darwin was born. Exploring the significance of 'Darwin's God' the Shrewsbury Adventist church ran a series of three lectures exploring what Darwin's God can mean to us today. Pictures from the series, and an mp3 recording of Dr Mart de Groot's lecture is available.

Christianity and Science: Dr Elaine Kennedy

 Dr Elaine Kennedy has a PhD in Geology from the University of Southern California, is adjunct professor of geology at Southwestern Adventist University and a geological consultant. In addition, she worked as a research scientist at the Geoscience Research Institute in Loma Linda, California, from 1991-2005.

To Dr Kennedy, studying mud and stones is a passion. A geologist who specialises in sedimentology she is far from the scientific stereotype so often portrayed in the press. Victor Hulbert asked her what got her interested in mud! Then in an explorative conversation he asked Dr Kennedy why it is so important to look at Data and Interpretation -- a must listen for school and college students.*

So is it ridiculous to be a scientist and believe in Creation?

That is the accusation so often made by the evolutionary lobby - but why not make up your own mind. Aeronautical engineer, Professor Roy Peacock was an avid proponent of atheism -- until he met some questions he could not answer. Listen to his story then find out what to do when Science and the Bible do not match.

Professor Peacock, pre-retirement, held a Chair in Aerospace Sciences at the University of Pisa and was Chief Executive of Thermodyne, a high technology company working in the gas turbine field. He has also written "A brief History of Eternity" a riposte to Stephen Hawking's book, "A brief history of Time". Listen to his interview about the book.*


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