ACS South & West 2022 – Christmas Family Hampers

December is always the busiest time for ACS South & West. During the year we are running different types of projects – food supplies, back-to-school packs, and Christmas family hampers. We are partnering with the organisation Focus Ireland which is looking after single people and families in need. Recently, we wrapped almost 100 family hampers for Focus Ireland Cork. There are other hampers waiting to be done for Tralee, Kilkenny, and Waterford. So, you can see we are very busy to the very last moment of Christmas.

This year is our 5th year of doing hampers. Every year we are starting with fundraising. Each church member has a chance to be involved. Once we have funding done, we shop. We always have figures provided by Focus Ireland. So, it is easy to prepare all that is needed. When we have all the shopping done, one Sabbath afternoon we have Total Member Involvement during the packing of hampers. Last Sabbath the children got involved. It’s lovely to see them running around and helping. They enjoy helping and they have fun while experiencing the joy of service. This is a great opportunity for children to serve and learn Christian living. 

I am always amazed at how God is using us. He never lets us down. He always provides. With His help, we can reach our community during this cost of living crisis at Christmas. 


Helena Kunova

ACS IM Sponsor