Thank you, Marci!

Thank you, Marci!

There is a time to welcome, and a time to say good-bye. This October we are saying good-bye to Marci Neal. The Irish Mission has been very blessed to have Marci working as the secretary for the Mission President.

Irish Mission

There is a time to welcome, and a time to say good-bye. This October we are saying good-bye to Marci Neal. The Irish Mission has been very blessed to have Marci working as the secretary for the Mission President. There’s a saying that goes:

The life of a person is measured not with years, but with the footprint that she leaves in other peoples’ lives, thoughts and hearts.


Marci has left footprints in so many peoples’ lives. Her kindness and thoughtfulness has touched all who have crossed her path. We truly have been blessed by her ministry in the Irish Mission. As she leaves us, we pray that God will be with her and bless her. We know He will continue to use her to touch the lives of others. Speaking both on a personal note and also in the name of the entire team of pastors, department sponsors and members, below are a few words of appreciation from colleagues:

When I became a Pastor's wife Marci was the Mission President's wife, from that day she became a mentor to me, taking me in under her wing.  Marci guided me and helped me through many difficult days, she was also their to celebrate in the fun times, although we never did manage to get her to sleep in a tent. I enjoyed many a conversation where we put the 'world to rights' over a cuppa. I always knew that if a situation was too big or too difficult that I could contact her and after talking it through I would have a clearer perspective. Marci's hard working attitude, her organisational skills and her brilliant sense of humour will be missed in the Irish Mission Ministerial Team. I want to wish her all the very best in the road ahead. (Heather Keough)

"Marci has been such a wonderful support for us since we joined the Irish Mission team four years ago. Joan and I have found so much genuine love, concern and friendship in Marci. She is a great person – so caring, so personable – and is always looking out for us as a family. She is a very special person. We will really miss her. May God richly bless her and guide her for the future." (Lorance, Joan and Rebecca Johnson)

"We were blessed to have known and worked with Marci. She was a walking Encyclopedia, with extensive knowledge of the workings of the BUC and the Irish Mission. Nothing frazzled her and if she could not help, she pointed you to someone who could. Our greatest thanks goes to Marci when Tony’s mother dies suddenly and we ourselves had just arrived in Weimer, C.A. to undertake studies, with no network or support system yet established there. Marci was our one link across the Ocean, and she worked tirelessy to organise getting us back to Ireland for the funeral. We are forever grateful to her for helping us through a very difficult time in our lives." (Betty and Tony O'Rourke)

"Over many years Marci has been very supportive of the pastors, ministries and churches across the Irish Mission. I would like to thank her for her administrative skills, her passion and her love for God’s people throughout those years, but especially for her support of the youth work over the last few years." (Adam Keough)

"Marci is an a servant leader. At times she speaks as a president, knowing all things; other times she would be as humble as to kindly ask for help and guidance in solving an issue. She would chase you to exhaustion for a report, a deadline, a confirmation, and yet she would also know to wait silent on our video conferences. As a family we will not forget a card received out of the blue, in one of our most tense moments serving others in the Irish Mission, when her hand written note came as a comfort and assurance that we were on the right (pink) path. God bless you, Marci." (Christian and Claudia Salcianu)

“Marci has been a tremendous blessing to this Mission. She’s been a most efficient and very friendly servant to the needs of all the churches as well as the greatest support and friend to me personally. When I took over the office, I had no administrative experience at this level, and her support and guidance have been invaluable in conferring continuity and knowledge in moving the Mission forward. I will miss Marci’s reminders and gentle nudging at times, and her checking on my health, peace, and sanity. Thank you, M, for all that you’ve done and all that you are and know that you are always welcome to visit with us. You and David will always be part of the Irish Mission family.” (Dan Serb, IM President)