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Trust Services and Your Will


Why set up a will?

As responsible stewards of all that our heavenly Father has entrusted into our care during our lifetime, it is our kindly duty to make a Christian will. The existence of a properly drawn-up will brings the assurance that our loved ones for whom we want to provide shall not have to face any legal or other problems that arise when there is no will.

How can Trust Services help?

Trust Services is here to assist all our church members in the making of their wills according to the member’s personal wishes whether or not the will benefits the church.

Trust Services also ensures that wills are both legally sound and valid, including special legal requirements for those who live in the Republic of Ireland.

How Do I Go About Setting Up a Will?

Those who want to avail of this service will be asked to fill in a form that lists their wishes and that will form the basis on which their will is drawn up. That form is sent to our Adventist legal practitioner who is a specialist in the drawing up of wills, probate, and related matters. No one else is involved but, if required, you can ask to be visited in your own home to assist you with this form. Beyond this, this service is completely private and confidential.

The actual document will be written by our legal practitioner in such a manner that it will provide the best possible benefits to those for whom they are intended.

How Much Does it Cost?

This service is provided free of all costs; legal fees and expenses are all met by the British Union Conference.

Seventh-day Adventist Trust Company Ltd is a separate company that has an altogether different role. It was formed to administer the estates of those members who wish the Trust Company to act as Executor and Trustee of their will.

Make It a Priority Today

In the book Testimonies Vol.3, written by Ellen White one of the co-founders of our Church, we read the following counsel to Christians who want to settle their affairs during their life and before death deprives them of the opportunity to have a say in what will happen to their estate:

Christians….should not neglect the disposition of their means” and “Those who make their wills should spare no pains to obtain legal advice, and to have them drawn up in such a manner as to stand the test (p.117).

To avail of this service, please, contact Mart de Groot, the Trust Services Sponsor of the Irish Mission

Dr Mart de Groot

Pastor Mart de Groot

Mart de Groot

Trust Services Sponsor

Irish Mission

Mart de Groot at a meeting in April 2019