IM Prayer Ministries serves the church in order to see prayer raised to a prominent position in the lives of every member. Prayer must become a priority. It is an absolute necessity. 

By the grace of God we want to:

  1. Enhance the prayer life of Pastors
  2. Engage all those who have a passion for prayer to form an army of praying soldiers
  3. Emphasize our special days and weeks where the focus is on prayer – Ten Days of Prayer, Week of Prayer
  4. Equip ourselves with resources and tools to learn the disciplines of prayer and fasting
  5. Encourage and strengthen our faith in the power of prayer through video testimonies
  6. Empower every believing soul to embrace this wonderful means of communicating with our Lord.
  7. Experience the power there is in prayer.


Very important event coming up: 10 Days of Prayer, 8th – 18th January 2020.

We want to start of the year by encouraging EVERY MEMBER to plan for and participate in this wonderful endeavour. If possible we want to encourage every church, group and company to sign up on the website The theme for the 10 days will be “Seeking God’s Spirit.”

Let’s prepare to begin the year by prioritizing prayer.

Pastor Lorance Johnson is ministering in Cork, Kilkenny and Waterford District and is currently the Prayer Ministries Sponsor for the Irish Mission. 

He has been serving in the Irish Mission since October 2016. Pastor Johnson was born and raised in London, England. It was while there that he accepted the call to ministry. He completed his BA and MA training and commenced ministry in the North England Conference in 1993. Pastor Johnson is 30 years married to Joan and they have three grown children.

Contact: 089 2020025,