Executive Secretary

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The Executive Secretary is one of the three administrative officers of the church (the other two being the President and the Treasurer). The primary responsibilities of the Secretariat department are:

  • To help forward the work of the church in accordance with the plans and policies agreed upon by the British Union Conference Executive Committee.
  • To liaise with the two Conferences (North and South England) and three Missions (Ireland, Scotland and Wales) to help with the application of policy; gather statistical information.
  • To coordinate with missionaries serving in other parts of the world or within the British Isles.
  • To lead on all matters relating to HR, pensions and policy.

In some ways Secretariat could be seen as the 'service arm' of administration. However, it is vitally important for the efficiency and smooth running of the Church organisation and has as its motto: "Love in Service".

Pastor Jacques Venter is the member of the secretariat team who has direct oversight over the Irish Mission, Scottish Mission and Welsh Mission.

Polices and Reports

Please visit the Executive Secretary Page on the National section of this website for comprehensive documentation, including church policies and reports.

IM Session Book Report 2021, IM Session 2021 Communication Report, IM 2021-2026 Strategic Plan

Keeping the Church Family Safe

Two officers in the Irish Mission work closely with the department to ensure that safeguarding checks are completed and that local churches adhere to regulations to ensure the safety of children and vulnerable people.

  • Contact Adam Keough for safeguarding checks in the Repbulic of Ireland.
  • Contact Ben Pontanar for ACCESS NI checks in Northern Ireland.

Pastor Jacques Venter

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Pastor Jacques Venter

Associate Executive Secretary

British Union Conference, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh Missions

Phone: +44 1923 672251