29th March 2018

The year-end financial report and annual tithe figures for the Irish Mission has been uploaded to the Irish Mission website. Significantly the report shows a 22% growth in income from the year before, making the Irish Mission the Church entity within the British Union that has shown the strongest year-on-year growth in 2017.

"Some of the growth in income can be explained by a more favourable exchange rate," said Earl Ramharacksingh, who serves as British Union Conference Treasurer, "But it is also a story of a significant increase in church member support of the local church."

While there was an increase in funds, there was also an increase in expenses. One particular extra expense that stands out, is the legal cost of amending the Church's registration as a charity in order to achieve the correct regulatory alignment that the Church can, amongst others, claim Gift Aid in the Republic of Ireland. This process was mandated by the previous Irish Mission session and is nearing completion. "In the long run, this will result in an incredibly beneficial income stream for the Church", commented Pastor Dan Serb, President of the Church in Ireland.

The Irish Mission trustees, who met on Sunday, 25 March, are hopeful for the future. They are carefully monitoring the finances for 2018. Will the income remain at the same level as it did last year or possibly continue on a path of growth? January's data is in, and there is a bit of a drop.

Obviously sustained levels of income would be a significant blessing for the Church. There are many needs in the Church at the moment. One of the most pressing is for another church building in the Dublin area. The single church building in Ranelagh just cannot accommodate the number of members that attend, and the other congregations are growing and struggling with security of tenancy and the difficulties of not having a building.

Pastor Serb reported that a Thirteenth Sabbath offering from 2017 raised USD 330 000 that is currently being held in trust by the General Conference towards such a church building. The Dublin leadership team and churches are actively engaged in planning for a new or additional church building. One rough estimate is that a new building will require an investment of €1.5 or 2 million, or possibly more. Much thought is currently being given to how such an amount can be realised.

Pastor Serb reiterated the fact that he always thanks the church members for their consistent generosity and goodwill to the Church. "The story of the Irish Mission is an optimistic one. We are so grateful for your support."

Please take the time to study the financial statement for 2017.

Download the financial report here.

Download the BUC tithe report for 2017 here.

Don't hesitate to submit any questions or comments to Pastor Dan Serb. The Church functions in a transparent and accountable way and welcomes the interest of the members in how its business is run.

[Weiers Coetser]

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