6th April 2017

Rebels-with-a-Cause-Youth-Day-of-Fellowship,-Banbridge,-18-March-2017-1-of-15 What kind of rebel are you? This was the question posed to the youth who attended the Youth Day of Fellowship/Global Youth Day Sabbath in Banbridge on the 18 March. Over 70 young people in the Irish Mission descended on Banbridge from Belfast, Londonderry/Derry and Dublin. The speaker for the day was Pastor Julian Thompson, pastor of Brighton and Worthing SDA Churches, and his theme was 'Be a Rebel.' He challenged the negative association with being a rebel and asked whether the young people could turn the tables and stand up for God, thus being God's kind of rebels.

In the afternoon, there was the opportunity for the youth to 'Be The Sermon' with some acts of kindness which included going around the town with t-shirts that said Free Hugs, designed by local member Andre Vieira, giving out free hugs and also walking around with photo frames, encouraging people to take pictures or selfies with us. They were split into two groups and off they went.

The youth were fearless, approaching any and all passers-by for hugs and pictures and people responded happily.

Rebels-with-a-Cause-Youth-Day-of-Fellowship,-Banbridge,-18-March-2017-15-of-15The groups were greatly encouraged when during their time on the High Street, staff in the Windsor Bakery came out and gave them some cakes to keep them going! It was an incredibly nice gesture and the same thing happened to the youth in another area as they were also given free donuts. Pastor Curtis said to the youth, this is what happens when you are kind to people, it always comes back to you!

The reactions were so positive. People were overheard remarking that this was just what they needed and that things like this should happen more often. Two of the young people from Dublin, Sevil and Evelyn, had a story that they couldn’t wait to tell Pastor Curtis. They said, "After we had given someone a free hug, they told us that they reckoned the politicians should be the ones out here doing something nice like this!" Local member, Tom Neal who ably assisted throughout the day, remarked "I really enjoyed the day, I was happy to just help bring a smile on someone's face."

Rebels-with-a-Cause-Youth-Day-of-Fellowship,-Banbridge,-18-March-2017-6-of-15Overall, Pastor Curtis was delighted with how everything went. "I was so so happy with my young people, they did such a great job. I said from the start that all I wanted was to put smiles on people’s faces. All the pictures that we took show that people were smiling and happy and this is what it was all about. A little love, a little kindness goes a long way and we all need that in our lives no matter who you are."

You might have heard of a rebel without a cause, but in Banbridge that Sabbath, not only did the Irish Mission youth demonstrate that they were rebels with a cause but that they were God’s kind of rebels.

View a gallery of photos of the event on our Gallery page.

[Curtis Samuel]

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