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Matthew 24:14—“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.”

For more than thirty years, Global Mission’s mandate to reach the world for Jesus focused its attention on the most challenging unreached areas of the world. Millions of new believers have come to Christ, and thousands of new churches have been planted in previously unentered areas. Largely because of this initiative, the Adventist Church has tripled its membership in areas where the work hardly existed
30 years ago. But one urgent challenge still exists—
reaching the cities.

In recent years, millions have left their rural homes to seek employment and a better life in the cities. How can we share God’s love with the masses who live in the urban areas of the world?

More than 100 years ago, Ellen G. White challenged the church: “We must do more than we have done to reach the people of our cities. . . . We should establish . . . small plants which shall be centers of influence” (Counsels on Health, p. 481). She goes on to say that “We are not to wait for souls to come to us; we must seek them out where they are. . . . There are multitudes who will never be reached by the gospel unless it is carried to them (Christ’s Object Lessons, p. 229).

Centers of Influence (COI) are designed to reach people for Jesus wherever they are. Many COIs focus on teaching health and wellness, providing after-school tutoring, learning a language, and even providing showers for the homeless.

One unique center is making a difference in Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital. Like much of Europe, religion is no longer a part of most people’s lives in big cities. In the heart of the city is a second-hand shop called “Happy Hand.” Second- hand shops are popular in large cities, but Happy Hand offers more than quality used items. It offers an opportunity to make new friends and talk about spiritual principles with those who enter its doors.

Bible texts on the walls spark conversations with the customers that may lead them to ask deep questions they’re not comfortable asking a minister. In a land where religion struggles, Happy Hand’s volunteers mingle with people, meet their needs, win their confidence, and introduce them to Jesus—something that all of us are supposed to do.

But you also can have a part in this outreach by giving your faithful Promise offerings to support global mission outreaches that are changing people’s lives for eternity.

Pastor Job Vacancy - Belfast

  1. Vacancies: 
    1. Headteacher Advert for Harper Bell School (see attached advert)
    2. Part-time French Teacher for Stanborough Secondary School (see attached advert)
    3. Series of voluntary vacancies for Stanborough Secondary School:
    4. Class Teacher for Newbold School:
    5. Class Teacher for Hyland House School:
  2. Events: - These will need to be promoted for a few weeks/months up to the date of the event
    1. The Big Help Out at Stanborough Secondary School (see attached flyer)  This is linked to the King's Coronation celebration.
    2. Promotional flyer for Stanborough Secondary School (see attached flyer - this will be ongoing)   We are seeking to re-open the 100-bed boarding school for September 2023.  Interested members should contact Mirian Keshishian on 01923 673268. (Do we need to write an article about this?)
    3. Party in the Park flyer for Stanborough Church - connected to the school (see attached flyer)  This is also linked to the King's Coronation celebration.
  3. Stanborough Secondary School Alumni:We are building an Alumni database. Calling all Stanboroughians; please fill in the formand be informed of upcoming events.  Details are on the flyer too. you need an article about this?)

  4. Future of Adventist Education Survey:  This is going to be ongoing for a while, but I would like members to be reminded about it regularly, if possible.



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