John 6:12—“When they had all had enough to eat, he said to his disciples, ‘Gather the pieces that are left over. Let nothing be wasted.’”

We can worship with our resources when we follow God’s instructions about economy and savings. In several instances, God has taught His children the practice of savings. He inspired Joseph, the son of Jacob, to advise Pharaoh not to eat everything during the seven

years of abundance but to keep 20 percent for later. On the night the Israelites had to celebrate the first Passover, before leaving Egypt, God’s first instruction was for them to choose the right size of lamb according to the number of people in each family. At the end of the multiplication of bread and fish, the clear admonition was to “let nothing be wasted.”

This same message about penny-wise is pertinent for today. We are preparing and eating more than what we need daily, buying more than what we need to wear, and building houses with far more space than what we need to live. This consumption-oriented society influences us to adopt a criterion other than need to acquire goods: If I can pay for it with available or borrowed money, there is no problem with purchasing it. This can be socially acceptable, but is this good stewardship?

Saving will help us to prepare for life emergencies, realize major financial goals, prepare for retirement, leave a financial legacy, and to enjoy other benefits. Furthermore, we will be in a better position to partner in God’s mission. Jesus and His missionary crew were supported by a group of women who used their own means (Luke 8:3). The early church members sold their properties to provide for the beginning of the Christians’ mission (Acts 4:34, 35). Ellen G. White challenges us to properly channel our resources: “Each should keep a missionary box at hand, and drop into it every penny he is tempted to waste in self-indulgence” (Counsels on Stewardship, p. 291).

Is it not time to identify and fix the leakages in our financial lives? This week we have another opportunity to use our savings to worship God by bringing our tithe and regular offerings, called Promise, to Him.


Lord, You have designed us to enjoy an abundant life and to partner with You. Please give us the wisdom to manage our resources.


ACS report highlighting our plans for the arriving refugees, which was featured in BUC News last week:


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