The Spirit is Moving on the Streets

The Spirit is Moving on the Streets

Street Evangelism

Discover Truth is thankful for the freedom to be able to give out literature on the streets of Ireland. We have 14 teams working in various ways across the country. From being on the streets, to being at markets and going door-to-door.

People from all walks of life are taking Silent Witnesses into their homes. People who have never thought about Jesus; people who are Christians; people who are of other religions; people who once loved Jesus but have been drawn away by the cares of this world; and even Adventist immigrants who never knew that there was an Adventist Church in Ireland.

We sometimes receive feedback.

“I am thoroughly immersed in the Desire of Ages, it is a loving, warming, in-depth book. It is absolutely amazing. I love it and have nearly finished reading it as I am unable to put it down. I, of course, will re-read it again and again.”- Serenna

“Today, I was passing by your stands and one of your members gave me a pamphlet. I noted also you were giving out Bibles. I am a believer; I have been raised in a Christian manner. I have been having struggles recently and I need help. Thanks for the opportunity and support.” - Ben

May the Lord continue to bless the work in Ireland! If you would like to join us in this work then contact us at or make a donation at Support Us - Discover Truth (email us to let us know if the donation is for a specific purpose).


Written by Diane Lewis