Irish Mission Summer Camp 2022

Irish Mission Summer Camp 2022

Like most aspects of church life, Covid 19 impacted the Irish Mission Youth Department Activities. This summer saw the first Irish Mission Youth Camp in 3 years and Pastor Jefferson Melki's first major event since his employment as the Irish Mission Youth Sponsor.

On Sunday 7th August many of the pastoral team and church members arrived at Portlick Scout Centre in Athlone to set up tents and organize the campsite.

Then the real work began. Children and teens from the age of 9-17 years of age descended on the campsite and the fun and excitement began.

The guest speaker was Adam Best, a Theology student from Newbold College. Adam explored many aspects of Christ’s Character and how the children and young people could connect with Christ on a stronger more personal level. Adam also spent so much time with all those who attended; it was obvious that his love for Christ impacted how he interacted with others.

Tara McCormac, a licensed mental health nurse, presented very impacting mental health sessions. Each day the senior youth learned about self-mental health awareness. Worships consisted of plenty of singing and meaningful talks. Due to the amazing weather, we could have worship at the lake and outside on the campsite. These were special times.

Plenty of activities were crammed into the week, including water sports, games, karting and quasar.

One activity that was planned fell through at the last minute and while the disappointment set in an Ice cream van rounded the corner and everyone was delighted to receive an Ice-cream on such a hot day – we thanked God for this blessing and moved on to our next planned event.

The sun shone all week, this type of weather is usually unheard of at Summer Camp in Ireland. This resulted in us being able to eat our delicious meals outside.

On the last day there were tears of sadness that Camp had come to an end, but while the kids were leaving there was excitement for the next Youth event in this space.

We thank God for the excellent summer camp staff who voluntarily gave their best effort for young people to be safe and to have a wonderful summer camp: Adam Keough, Heather Keough, Jasmine Andrasi, Cara McKee, Shirley Stephenson, Caroline O’Brien, Kevin O’Brien, Emily Hanbidge, Emma Rothwell, Joel Lewis, Shannon O’Brien, Aaron O’Brien, Dillon O’Brien, and Andile Hlongwane.

On behalf of the Youth Department, we would like to say a BIG thank you to all those that made this Summer Camp possible, without volunteers and financial assistance this event could not have run so smoothly. But lastly a big thank you to the parents who supported this event by sending their children and teens to Camp, they were a credit to their parents.