Limerick church organises event to mingle with the community

Limerick church organises event to mingle with the community

If you are looking for a successful experience in outreach programmes and events, Jesus’ methods can really be followed. As the writer Ellen G. White says “The Saviour mingled with people as one who desired their good. He showed sympathy for them, ministered to their needs, and won their confidence. Then he invited them, ‘Follow me’” (Ellen White, The Ministry of Health and Healing, 73).

Based on that, Limerick church have been thinking of ways they can put Jesus’ methods into practice. For example, last Saturday, 17th September, the youth organised a game night and pastor Fillipe Lessa, pastor of Limerick church, encouraged the members to invite their friends to join the event.  “Moments like this are very special and a great opportunity for us to mingle with other people as well as strengthen our relationship with them”, he says.

The event took place in the heart of Limerick city, in The Life Centre building, where Limerick church normally have its worship services on Saturdays. At the beginning pastor Fillipe presented a short message from the Bible encouraging people to share their burdens with Jesus. After a prayer the games started. People were divided in two teams: red and blue. The games were followed by some snacks. The event definitely brought laughter, joy and a lot of fun to that night.

Rodrigo Christofoletti, one of the organisers of the event explained that the game night was happening once a trimester, but as it has been so successful that they have decided to do it once a month. He thinks there is a great potential in events like this and the idea is to continue with them. “I believe this event is the easier one we have to invited non-christians or people that are not used to go to church. The games we had tonight didn’t involve the Bible or religious stuff. We just had a devotional and prayer to start with. It’s much easier to invite non-christians to a christian environment like that”, says.

One of the guests was the veterinarian Eder Bradesburgo. It was the first time he went to this event and he joined the games with his son and daughter. They all enjoyed it and felt very welcomed. “I thought this was super fun, everyone was very welcoming and interacting with us. It was a lot of fun”, he excitedly said, with a smile on his face.

Deborah Lessa