First Convert Added to the Church in Ireland During COVID-19

First Convert Added to the Church in Ireland During COVID-19

Welcoming a member by profession of faith first and only later by baptism? Yes.

GalwayBetty O’Rourke

1 August marked the beginning of the Autumn season in Ireland. It is noted to be a time of reaping and harvesting. It was also a time of reaping in the Galway Seventh-day Adventist church on that special day.

A young mother was voted into the Church membership by Profession of Faith. Katarina De Silva had been studying for baptism since the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown. She is grateful for the Bible studies, prayer meetings and worship services carried out via Zoom over the past few months that has enabled her to grow in faith.

Church minister Pastor Tony O'Rouke who had been studying with Katerina online each week during the lockdown conducted the service based on Katerina's own convictions, she said, "because of the uncertainty of what's happening in the world today, I want to give my life to Christ today. Not to wait, so whatever happened going forward my life is right with God."
Katarina’s husband, Helder, who has been an Adventist for the past two years, performed a special musical item to demonstrate his support and encouragement on her special day. He was joined in song by his friend Mike, who is not a member of the church but was so moved by Katerina's conviction and dedication that he has now requested Bible studies together with his fiancé.

Pastor O'Rouke now has an increasing number join his online Bible class and he explained that as soon as the social distancing measures cease, it is Katarina’s wish to be baptised by immersion. And who knows, that through her decision to be baptised, others will also follow?
The Galway Church Members promised to nurture and support Katerina and her family as they grow in faith.