Session 2019

Welcome to IM Session 2019!

On behalf of the Irish Mission Executive, the Mission Secretary, and Mission Treasurer, may I extend a very warm welcome to all gathered for this Session of the Irish Mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. We are also pleased to welcome Pastor Ian Sweeney, the British Union President. 

Our thanks go to Belfast church for opening, preparing and catering for our delegation during this Session. Below you'll find a full day's programme.

The Session booklet and other resources that would be available at the bottom of this page contain reports from the Officers and Departmental Sponsors, the Irish Mission Operating policy, the Minutes of the previous Session 2016, and a section on Guidelines.

Pastor Dan Serb
Sunday, 6 October 2019


08.30   Registration
09.15   Opening of Session

Devotional - Pastor Ian Sweeney

09.45   Report - President
Vision for the Mission 2019-2021     

10.15   Nominating Report

10.30   Report - Secretary
11.00   Questions to Secretary

11.15   Break

11.30   Report - Treasurer
12.00   Questions to Treasurer

Credentials & Licences Committee to meet at conclusion of Treasury questions

12.15   Health Sponsor – Mrs Betty O’Rourke
12.25   Questions

12.35   The Cuisle Centre – Mrs Heather Keough
12.45   Questions

12.55   Lunch

14.00   Sub-Committee Report followed by Youth and Pathfinders – Pr. Ben Pontanar & Mr. Bodgan Stan
14.30   Questions

14.40   Children’s Ministries – Mrs Shupai Matewa
14:50   Questions

15.00   Womens Ministries – Mrs Joan Burch
15.10   Questions

15.20   Communication Sponsor – Pr. Weiers Coetser
15.35   Questions

15.45   Prayer Ministries – Pr. Tony O’Rourke
15.55   Questions

16.00   Administration Matters – Pr. Dan Serb
16.30   Closing Thought, Hymn and Prayer

Session Resources

Session Booklet small size 4 MB 4 MB