It is never boring to be a young person in the Irish Mission. We have a dedicated team of pastors and volunteers who work tirelessly to provide opportunities for young people to develop their faith and experience Christian community.

Have you attended an Irish Mission summer camp? You should try it. The camp is regularly attended by more than 100 young people, with visiting speakers. Lifelong friendships are forged at this event that runs over a week. The stimulating speakers, beautiful worship experiences, adventurous activites, and plenty friends, make the camping out in tents and shared bathroom facilities worth it. The camp usually happens in August at the Portlick Scout campsite near Athlone, county Westmeath. Here is one set of photo memories of the 2018 camp.

There are shorter weekend retreats as well. This usually happens in Belfast and in the Ballinacrow church in county Wicklow.

Once a year, over Easter we also join up with young people from Scotland and Wales for a three missions Easter retreat.

In April 2020 a youth congress will take place for the whole of the British Union. You can register for this event already. Look under the events section of this website for more details.

We do not only focus on big events however. Every church in Ireland have some activities for young people. Some churches are bigger than others, but even the small churches will support young people on their spiritual journey. Please make contact with the local church near you. Ask the pastor what the church is doing for young people. Become involved! Make suggestions about what you would like to see.

The Irish Mission Youth Team

Youth activities throughout the Irish Mission is co-ordinated by a team of pastors and volunteers.

Members of this team are:

  • Pastor Ronald Ben Pontanar - Youth Sponsor
  • Pastor Christian Salcianu
  • Andre Vieira
  • Beni Hlongwane
  • D’Andra Andrews
  • Csilla Andrasi-Magyar
  • Heather Keough


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Youth Outpost

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Pastor Jeff J Melki

Pastor Jeff J Melki

Pastor and Youth Sponsor

Irish Mission

Phone: +44 7834 385270