Seventh-day Adventists believe that healthy living goes hand-in-hand with living life as a child of God.

The current news from health experts in Ireland is that there is a chronic shortage of beds, shortage of nurses and doctors. The waiting time to be seen in an A&E unit is averaged at 8-12 hours, then the wait for a bed can take days.

It doesn’t have to be like this. By following a few very wholesome lifestyle practices, it is possible to achieve a significant improvement in health and to be free from a large range of diseases that lead to the overwhelming majority of hospital admissions. We believe such an experience of health is part of God's plan for us in our lives.

3 John 2

Beloved, I pray that you may be in good health, just as your soul prospers.

Our mental health, our physical health and our spiritual health are all interrelated.  What affects one will also affect the others.The health department has a number of resources to discuss the relationship between Christian living and healthy lifestyle. The health sponsor, Elizabeth O'Rourke, has years of experience in encouraging people to make better health choices. There are also a range of resources to help churches promote healthy lifestyle to their congregations and in the local community. Send her an e-mail, and she will do what she can to support you in your quest for healthy living.

Follow this link for an informative recent symposium on lifestyle medicine


Raymond Ehiemere

Raymond Ehiemere

Health Ministries Sponsor

Irish Mission

I am Raymond Ehiemere, health Sponsor for Irish Mission. I am a Medical Doctor with interest in Internal Medicine and Nephrology.

Our intent will be to: - 

  • Inform our Church
  • Empower our Church
  • Encourage existing health values.

Active children at West of Ireland Family Camp 2018