12th May 2017

All Seventh-day Adventist churches in the Irish Mission will be participating in a census over two Sabbaths in May. A 10 minute slot will be dedicated to completing the census on Sabbath, 20 and 27 May.

Marci Neal, personal assistant to the President of the Irish Mission explains, “This census is conducted across the Mission every few years to gather information on how many people we have worshipping each Sabbath. It also gives the opportunity to update our information and find out if the Irish Mission is growing numerically (family additions) and in terms of membership growth. The information is useful for the Mission to assess the true nature of its work, to plan pastoral placements.”

A census has not been done in the Irish Mission since 2010. The time has therefore come to update this information.

Over the few days, the church clerk or leader of every church and church group will receive forms from the Irish Mission office that will be used in this exercise. On the days of the census each worshipper over the age of 18 will be required to complete a form. Family members under the ages of 18 will be included on the parents’ form.

The reason why the census takes place over two Sabbaths is because there might be some members who do not attend church on a given Sabbath. Sometimes there is also movement between churches between given Sabbaths. Holding the census over two Sabbaths will help improve the accuracy of the records.

Census data will be securely processed by the Mission Administration office in accordance with the principles of privacy and data security.

E-mail Marci Neal for more information.

[Marci Neal]

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