19th October 2017

Mention the Church Reformation in Ireland, both North and South, and it is likely to stir up some strong views often intertwined with contemporary identity politics. The effects of the Reformation were felt in Ireland over many centuries -- sometimes combined with devastating violence, but also embracing an irrepressible desire to defend freedom of thought, religion and association.

With 2017 marking the 500th anniversary of the day that Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses on the door of Wittenberg, it seems apt to explore some of the features of the Church Reformation that still present a compelling challenge for Christians today.

The new online series, Reformation Journey, featuring Victor Hulbert, Dejan Stojkovic and other experts and travellers, revisits some of the key sites of the Reformation in an effort to retell parts of the story. The camera work is beautiful, but as the story emerges the questions also arise: What about the Christian church today? What is needed for the Church to survive and thrive in the world that we currently live in? Can we learn something from the cataclysmic events five centuries ago that is still of relevance for us in the 21'st century? The answers may surprise you.

A new episode of the series is released every Thursday. Watch the first three episodes below, and subscribe to the You Tube channel to receive notification when the next episode becomes available.

Episode 1: A Massacre in Paradise


Episode 2:  A Rebel Restored

Episode 3: Tricky Situations


Episode 4: Keep Asking the Questions

[Weiers Coetser]

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