21st March 2018

Every year, in March, there is a special day called Global Youth Day, where young people are encouraged to 'Be the Sermon'. Last year the Irish Mission youth went into the town of Banbridge to give out free hugs and take pictures with people. It created quite a buzz and even made it into the local newspaper.

Be the sermon handing out waterThis year, on the 17th of March, we were down in numbers, but the enthusiasm of the youth to get out into the streets remained high. The youth coming from Belfast, Ballinacrow and Banbridge, gathered for a youth service in which Pastor Curtis Samuel, the Irish Mission Youth sponsor, was the speaker. He spoke about Esau selling his birth right for a pot of stew and asked the youth if there was anything in this world worth trading your destiny for. He pointed out that to sell your birth right for some red stew seemed crazy and even a ‘cheeky’ Nando’s would have been a better bet. He closed by reminding the youth that sometimes the most ordinary people are capable of the most extraordinary things and cited the young people in the news who have done courageous things such as prevent others from taking their own lives. The start of the Adventist church was mainly brought about by ordinary young people.

Be the sermon group photoThe youth set out into the streets this year, accompanied by Pastor Ben Pontanar and Heather Haynes to give out free bottles of water. One lady asked why we were doing this, to which a young person replied, “To put smiles on faces.” She walked away saying, “Job done!”

Pastor Curtis says, “it was a bitterly cold day. When we left church, it was starting to snow, but the youth kept at it and we gave out every single bottle of water that we had for the event. I’m proud of the youth for sticking at it in the cold conditions. We hope we warmed a few hearts along the way.”

[Irish Mission Youth Department with Curtis Samuel]

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