30th May 2018

Pathfinder-Camporee-285px-3-of-10 The annual Pathfinder and Adventurer camporee took place in Kilnaslooagh, Newmarket-on-Fergus on May 4th-7th. The majority of the Pathfinder and Adventurer clubs within the mission were represented at the event including, the Dublin Royals, the Dublin Dacians, Ballinacrow, Newmarket, the Cork Clovers, Galway and Kilkenny. There were also a few visitors as the Pathfinders were encouraged to bring a friend who could enjoy the camp for free.

presentersThe theme of this year’s camporee was “Into the Fire” with pastor Kevin Johns, Pathfinder director of the South England Conference as guest speaker. In his messages Pastor Johns focussed on Daniel, and reminded Pathfinders of the wonderful example Daniel was for young people. The theme song for this year was also called “Into the Fire” and was written by Teniola from Galway’s Pathfinder club.

The Adventurer Bible Bowl took place on the Sabbath. The Adventurers worked hard and enjoyed studying the book of Daniel over the past couple months leading up to the Bible bowl and as a result all teams did extremely well.

Pathfinder-Camporee-285px-7-of-10The clubs were excited to participate in the activities and honours prepared for this year’s camporee. Pathfinders took part in Knot Tying, Drill and Marching and Semaphore Signalling; while the Adventurers completed their Seeds and Co-operation honours. Sunday was jam-packed with activities such as fire building, camp bread making and cooking an egg over camp fire. The children also got to tap into their creative sides as they were challenged to come up with songs or chants that best represented their individual units. These were then performed during worship.

Pathfinder-Camporee-285px-2-of-10At an investiture service on Monday morning the Pathfinders and Adventurers were awarded for their achievements and even a few of our leaders who have completed their Pathfinder Leadership Award were invested by Pastor Johns. With a new point system in place this year, the clubs were awarded points for good behaviour and participation in all activities. The Dublin Royals took home the award for Club of the Year 2018. Well Done!

Sheree Andrews, one of the organisers reflects on the event: "Overall everyone, from Pathfinders to parents to visitors, had a very enjoyable time at camporee as we were blessed with lovely weather and good fun. Many thanks to all our organisers and everyone who made the event a success. We are very excited and already planning for next year. We hope to see everyone again and some new face too!"

 A gallery with more photos of the event can be viewed on the Irish Mission Website Gallery Page.

[Sheree Andrews]

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