Dublin City of Hope Report (2013-2015)

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Dublin, June 2016. An expansive report of the most ambitious evangelistic endeavour seen in Ireland has just been published. Titled, An Evangelistic Adventure in Dublin, and carefully compiled and crafted by Irish Mission President, David Neal, the report seeks to give a comprehensive account of the City of Hope Project that ran in the city over three years from 2013 to 2015.

"The Dublin City of Hope Project was first mooted in June 2012, when Mark Finley visited the Irish Mission", says David Neal. "This catapulted the mission into an all-encompassing venture that harnessed the best resources that we could gather and the focussed energy of every worker and a large share of the lay-people in our Mission."

The report focusses on the evangelistic vision that informed the project. "Before us lay enormous potential and opportunity," says Neal, "but there were any number of challenges to overcome, and pitfalls to avoid. It is now June 2016, and enough time has passed for us to try to reflect objectively on our experience." 

The report tells the story, by employing various voices, news articles, a financial chart, and even a roll call of new members. It is colourfully illustrated by photos, flyers and advertising material used during the project. The effect is 70 pages of colourful, riveting reading, providing an honest down to earth assessment of the successes, and failures, and learning opportunities offered by the event.

Image of City of Hope Report Contents PageThe report will be of interest to those who want to retain a memory of a significant event in the European Adventist Church. It will stimulate critical discussion about the value and impact of large scale evangelistic endeavours envisioned by the church, such as the General Conference Mission to the Cities initiative. It is also a tribute to the vision, hard work and dedication of Irish Mission members. "Most of all" says Neal, "it is a celebration of a Spirit-empowered community seeking to respond to God's call to reach the peoples of our world."

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